Winners of Nordic Spirits Awards 2021

Winners of Nordic Spirits Awards 2021
Photo: Hernö Gin

As previously mentioned, last week saw the announcement of the Nordic Spirits Awards 2021 winners. I’m happy to see at least a few familiar Swedish distilleries among the medalists.

First of all, congratuations to all the winners! I know there are lots of these competitions out there – however, I think Nordic Spirits Awards is a bit different, focusing on craft, quality and passion.

So, without further due, here are all (well, not that many to be honest) the Swedish entries:

Gold: Hernö Navy Strength Gin
Silver: Hernö Gin 47, Norrtelje Brenneri Roslags Gin Havtorn EKO, Hernö Sloe Gin
Bronze: Hernö Juniper Cask Gin, Norrbottens Destilleri Mountain Dry Gin, Norrbottens Destilleri Forest Dry Gin

Bronze: Norrbottens Destilleri Meadowsweet

All winners and the award show can be found here.