Top five US alcohol trends in 2021

Top five US alcohol trends  in 2021, Trader Magnus

According to Drizly, 2021 is likely to be a transitional year, with many pandemic-induced behaviors and trends persisting even amidst a slow return of a pre-Covid way of life.

The ripple effect of Covid-19 reverberated across the beverage world in 2020, shifting perceptions of “normal” across all three tiers of the American alcoholic beverage industry. Even amidst the ongoing impact of tariffs on some beverage alcohol products, Covid-19 shuttered restaurants and bars, and e-commerce boomed as brands and retailers transitioned their sales and distribution methods.

While 2020 has taught us that nothing is entirely predictable, the Drizly team expects 2021 to result in a continuance of many pandemic-induced trends and behaviors even as daily life slowly begins to normalize. “The most significant difference in e-commerce for 2020 was simply the increase of consumer awareness as to the ability to purchase alcohol online, says Cory Rellas, the CEO of Drizly.

While we are all excited for the return of on-premise, we believe the e-commerce landscape has fundamentally changed in how consumers will discover and shop the BevAlc category.

From connecting the industry through technology to increasing brand value consciousness, these are Drizly’s top predictions for beverage alcohol in 2021.

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