Behind Closed Doors pop up in Stockholm

Nath Colby and Aaron Thomas, Behind Closed Doors

Back in May, the Gothenburg-based aussie cocktail collective Behind Closed Doors came to Nobis Hotel here in Stockholm for a “sensory overload journey through taste, touch and smell”. Arranged like a 7-course set cocktail dinner (8 for “die hard cocktail lovers”), each serving – which included one cocktail and a nibble on the side – was expertly crafted by bartenders Nath and Aaron using ingenious ingredients and surprising flavour combinations. One of my favourites was Rye So Serious? which if I remember correctly was some kind of twist on the Penicillin served with some nice salty manchego on a spoon (pictured below). Another real gem was the savoury Pedro’s Daiquri with rum, pineapple shrub, lime and px vinegar.

In conclusion, the evening was a very well put together cocktail rollercoaster served with a great sense of down under humour all the way from “doors open” until the “bonus track” – which is why I regret that I can’t make it to their pop up in Gothenburg this Sunday. If you have the time and money – don’t hesitate – just go!

Follow this link for more info: BCD Pop Up at Champagnebaren

Rye So Serious? / menu

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